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Love Thorn

May 27, 2009
By Ellie Sallee BRONZE, Mt. Washington, Kentucky
Ellie Sallee BRONZE, Mt. Washington, Kentucky
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She cries
lies in bed
she wonders why
when her life is torn in two
There isn't much she can do
when all she does is think of you

Life goes on
and time grows near
her whole world
is made of fear
she waits for the day
when she is let out of here

Love is dear to her existence
keeps her alive
every day she strives to survive
She can't decide if she has lost hope
or just lost her mind
She's still got the only thing thats true

so caught up, she has lost track of time
Now she watches it pass her by
memories catch up
They will never fade
she runs passed the water and catches
her own gaze wanting your glare

All she needs now is for you to be there
she seeks the one who has always cared
The one who understands her pain
and has nothing to gain accept her love
The best are always the first to get sent above
All she ever wanted was to be loved

Her life seems unreal it doesn't last
is there a way for her to get past this?
She dreams of those midnight walks
those long talks
holding her in the rain
and it too will remain in her heart

Longing to hear your voice
she sobs in the memory
hands connected where they are strong
No longer standing she is now on the ground
not a sound as a rose petal hits the water
you once said it, to wither is not the way

My thoughts have changed but not of you
many times have gone
and you are where you belong
My body will break, and life will shatter
there is aching in my heart
but that doesn't matter

When all beauty is revealed
it doesn't change the healing of your heart
the flower will always die
and the petal will always wilt
but the Thorn will never fade
One thing she will not forget for all of her days

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