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May 27, 2009
By Ellie Sallee BRONZE, Mt. Washington, Kentucky
Ellie Sallee BRONZE, Mt. Washington, Kentucky
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I play a familiar tune
Introduced by
over played memories
in my head
The melody is structured by
The shape of his face
Into every inch of me that's real
Its melody flows
In my dreams I ask of him to take me
take me to the place
where the tall grass sways
And the sicadas sing
a place I once knew
When there was nothing
No reasons to be far
That could keep us from being
While we lay under stars
So won't you take me there
Take me to the day
When fire would not strike us
For I was soaked in nature for an hour
To hold him for a moment
Yet he still managed it
He put the flame in my hand
While the water flowed
As he brightens my day
with only a touch
When the raindrops came
They went right through me
I felt it more then pain
When time stopped realizing
It was because he called my name
My heart stopped beating through me
There was a second that we froze
keeping me warm through the moment
Holding him so close
Our hearts reacted
Now within him my heart beats
I feel his pulsing through me
Keeping my rhythm as I breathe
So will you run away with me
Can you catch me in my dreams?
Come relive every moment
Where nothing is what it seems
whether it be the moment
or my heart that sings
It will always be till the end
When there is nothing
Not even dreams

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