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The Forbidden City

January 29, 2021
By minniewu GOLD, Pennington, New Jersey
minniewu GOLD, Pennington, New Jersey
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A photographer who wears a long toga,

Before the winter breeze of Beijing chills his body, goes to the

center of the enormous city to capture the most 

Dramatic and beautiful moments.

Exploring under the Gate of Divine Might,

Finding the secrets under each piece of brick,

Going to make conversations with the history that has stood for thousands of years. Look!

Huge city wall the color of carmine and flame,

Incense and pure music of traditional flutes, just likes the calls of royal courts.

Joy and hope overflows from people’s hearts. Leaves the color of

Kelly and persimmon jump up and down on everyone’s shoulders. Under the trees, there are busy

Meetings between insects and soil between every brick.

None of these things have voices. 

Overlooking four distinct doors of the forbidden city, the

Petrified blue dragon and ivory white tiger hide and seek from each other. The

Queen of fascination explains the elegance of wine-colored suzaku and black basalt. All of these things

remove our haunts, refresh our hope.There are

Several long roads of ginger and gray to the main palace, and

Tawny pillars heave such a marvel to the world.

Unique stripes of great dragons decorate the palace with sovereignty.

Valuable treasures and gorgeous painted decorations, they rest

With the last bell of fall. No

extra voices and

Yelling. The forbidden city stretches and closes her eyes,

Zzzz, and waits for the door of history and mystery to open again.

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