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Winter Travels

May 22, 2009
By Xinwen PLATINUM, Brossard, Other
Xinwen PLATINUM, Brossard, Other
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I had a place to go, referred to as home
And feeling alone, I took to the road
Winter was waiting just outside the door
Out of courtesy I asked not what for
But as I was passing, she said she wanted me
I smiled politely, only to say no

Stubborn ice struck me twice, but my sight
Was appeased by white glistening in the light
For Beauty had been frozen as my breath was stolen
By the cold face that looked so sad and solemn
The melancholy melody of her mysterious voice
Brought tears to my eyes even as my ears died

The harsh words of the wind she spoke
Were the ones feared by most common folk
The threat was real and her cold-blooded rage
I could feel was the child of timeless age
To try to thaw her touch, I said this much:
“Hail, how heavy my heart was, sad and soaked

Until you brought about your snowy grace
Infused life and jolly red into this face
But alas, as much as I wish to show
How deep my flow of gratitude, I know
You’d find many a better hurt by the world
Who’d give up worthier souls, so follow their traces

Sick of life’s harm and enraptured in your charm
Those travelers would lay bare in your seductive arms
So find them and save them but I have to go
I’m flattered you want me but please part the snow
Because I’m afraid I still say no.”
I trudged on, with bated-breath, arguments done

Yet the immortals are forever an unsatisfied bunch
To dear Winter humans lives are never enough
I flattered myself, thinking I truly mattered
When she cornered everyone the same – just they dealt with her better!
She was unperturbed by my delicate speech
So I shrugged in turn, and walked out of reach

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