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You Never Saw And You Never Will

July 1, 2019
By JustAnotherRandomGirl SILVER, Ladoga, Indiana
JustAnotherRandomGirl SILVER, Ladoga, Indiana
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Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

I am not strong

I don't know might

You may be wrong

But hey, you're right


I'll show weakness

I'll be timid

See my meekness,

All omitted


I will not say

I will not act

I will obey

I won't react


But just you know

There'll be a point

When I will go 

And disappoint


I will sink and

Not recover

Lost to quicksand

Lost forever


Will you recall

My death each day, 

My daily fall

As clouds turned gray?


Did you listen

Ever to pain?

Did it glisten

When here, it's rain?



To everything?

Perhaps, and thus,

Saw no offspring



That had been me

Ne'er visible

None ever see


Or possibly

You lack vision

So not to see

My division


With full purpose

You blocked your sight

I cannot cuss

If none see plight


Or maybe blind

You truly are

Can't see behind 

Mask to see war


War of feelings

Sadness, anger

Always wielding

Cutting daggers


Well, either way

You won't e'er see

That everyday

There'll be less me


You'll ne'er realize

When I am gone

My quiet demise

Before the dawn

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