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A Wandering Ghost, A Walking Corpse

July 1, 2019
By JustAnotherRandomGirl SILVER, Ladoga, Indiana
JustAnotherRandomGirl SILVER, Ladoga, Indiana
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Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

A wandering ghost haunts the halls

Trapped in her heartbreak and sorrow

Searching endlessly for the calls

As she moves through the halls of school

Her eyes are chips of hardened ice

No longer capable of love

For she had paid the hefty price

Of caring for an ugly beast

A beast with sapphires of malice

Hidden behind his friendly mask 

Sweetened words promised a palace

For her, his “one and only love”

But every word was a lie

Once realized, they became daggers

And every night, they made her cry

Because she was dating a snake

Who was callous, cold, uncaring

Who never ever truly loved her

Who instead relished in tearing

Tearing her heart and soul apart

With his painful and deadly venom:

Running about with other snakes

Leaving her feeling dazed and numb

Transforming her into the ghost

Calling for one who’ll share with her

The beauty of kindness, 

Be a true gentleman, true sir

And show her how to love again

But for now, she’ll keep wandering

Making her way through the stampede

Composed of students prospering

And flourishing much more than she

For she’d drowned in her misery

Caused by feelings of lack of worth

Because he had caused injury

Rendering her a walking corpse

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