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For you

April 28, 2009
By niceenouf PLATINUM, Garfield, New Jersey
niceenouf PLATINUM, Garfield, New Jersey
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"As we move on, you forget, we both move on, with no regret."

When I think, I take a wide blink.
I ask myself, all questions above,
am i really in love?
Becuase everytime a thought comes to mind,
I think why should I even try?
And i go home,
singing the same old songs.
You grab my attetiong,
than throw it away.
What am i suppose to do.
Im crying over you and feeling blue
You'll never know how i feel,
until everything is revealed.
From my mouth to words.
Unless, you ask me to tell you.
So for now, 'till hell arrives,
I have to sit here and hide.
All my feelings deep inside,
Waiting to break loose and open wide.
Becuase I love you,
Sorry but i just can't get over you.

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