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I Loved Writing.

January 11, 2019
By ty2kbob BRONZE, Monmouth, Oregon
ty2kbob BRONZE, Monmouth, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
¨Words are our most powerful source of magic, capable of both causing pain and healing it.¨

I loved writing, but one day, it turned against me. Every time I wrote a story, ¨It¨ would put something I did not like. ¨It¨ would put many things I did not like. I used many erasers. I sharpened many pencils. I used many things of white out. ¨It¨ would never stop. I thought.

I started going to creative writing classes to deal with this. To deal with ¨It¨.

Three weeks later, ¨It¨ disappeared.

Till this day, I have never seen ¨It¨ again.                                       

The author's comments:

This is a true story. When i would write, it would feel like there was a life sourcs or something messing me up. All of this stoped after i started to go to a creative writing class. I call the thing It. It has no name. I don´t know what it is. Its not real (i know that) but it feels real. It would give me a bad vibe. I wrote this story just for this magizen. Teenink. Teenink has given me many ideas. I mean the writers that publish there storys in teenink. Big thanks to all of you who read this. (:

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