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Lover of the Gods

November 18, 2018
By lindzwrites SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
lindzwrites SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” - Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

As the neon lights of the night sky glow,

His eyes hidden and piercingly mean

I love only him, though the soul burns cold

And for a minute I see through his sheen

Though I may never meet his face again

My loneliness had no loose ends

His beauty painted a canvas of gold and blue

Imploring me to applaud the lovely artist

But Hestia’s watch didn’t flee her beloved statue

Endearment soon came faltering in full harvest

As we fed off the plates of affinity and soul

His ecstacy and allure was to my head: control

Days we spent in showers of a rosy haze

With words and kiss Florida-orange sweet

There I was, lured into his enchanting daze

Playing his siren’s song on repeat

‘Back to black’ he said one blazing noon

Then stole me beneath a summer moon


In the midst of him I felt only blind love

A passion burning ethereal starlight

Our heaving bodies brought to heaven above

With the intent of angels through dawn to black night

Together we watched our souls disappear in a glance

And praised to Venus by beauty’s dance

The forlorn day transpired to say goodbye

When rosy cheeks turned into quivering lips

Puddles of lust and sorrow welled in our eyes  

As he clasped with vigor onto my youthful hips

We breathed the same life under the same celestial yonder

With a million forbidden ‘I love you’s’ left ponder

His ocean eyes caught mine as I stood to go

Wicked regret was true and ghastly raging

Ice killed passion and my heart began to snow

With flurries engulfing the match once worth saving

Young and vexed, salad day romance turned dark

Never to brighten from the moment he’d depart



Days flowed steady through a somber river

The bittersweet half of me thriving someplace else

A winter’s deathly pulse my new caregiver

Hypnos willed me to sleep away pain with his melts

And away pain went, tears vacated and sought home

Down in another lonely heart all on her own

I scaled the mountain of life with virtue so clear

His memory but one jewel on a necklace

Found fiery lovers sharing my epic sphere

Adding a fountain of romance to my nexus

Until one gloomy day I met him on the street

After years, my flower still bloomed at his feet

The wintry caverns thawed in my fragile heart

When the ocean waves of his eyes resumed their laps

Years chiseled fine lines into his body of art

Leaving pieces of me to fill in the gaps

For minutes we stood in mezmering silence

The shock of each other, grown and new, almost violent



We put out our shaking hands to reach each other

But the years of hurt emerged like a charged wall

The taunting licks of his red flame were smothered

And I turned away from him, fleeting the fall

With one harrowing glance, our old strings snapped

The eternal candle’s heavenly flame capped

In this velvet dusk I bathe in pleasant sorrow

A coral disk setting over my river palace

Though loves of yesterday have been lost for tomorrow

My heart will never fret with brimming malice

He came, he went, but I stayed

The gold interior of mine I will never trade

The author's comments:

There are some people I wish to meet on the street again one day, to see how life changed them and who they are now. To feel the distance and stretch from years ago of the love we once had but miss now. 

This poem describes that process, the heartbreak, the lust and love. Enjoy. 

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