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Summer In The Winter

April 7, 2009
By TaylorInspiration BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
TaylorInspiration BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
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Its time for change and its in the air, I carry a colorless rainbow on my sleeve and my concsience is everywere.
There is nothing to complete me for I have always walked alone on eroding steps some say my fate is casted in stone, but i would just like to call this surreal reality i imagine home.
Abstracticity is what keeps me sane different viewpoints of someone who actually calls my name, nothing tends to make since anymore.
A beacon is in the stars tonight outside of my window the words she speaks feel so right
im lost in it all but just when i thought the pitch black ingulfed me in my darkest day
there descends a smile of fire to light my way.
Ive waited a lifetime for a race that wasnt finished and some hope for a start
through that irradescent night sky in the shadow of the long setted sun i see a spark.
The moon says to the sun ive never felt so warm in the midst of a season full of irony and storms
and the sun says to the moon ive never smiled so big in a season of frost and snow.
and then they looked at eachother and said over the hill we go just in time to see it all rise in the clearing of an empty grove.
Ive never felt a season like this..its summer in the winter and thats all that i know
please do come in and stay awhile everyone else just tends to track up the floor and then go.
Im just one ticket short of the show and id give it all away just for this time of year to be sold
its summer in the winter below and i dont know what makes me feel this way
my hands are shaking
my words are tied
my eyes are watering
I couldnt shake this off evenn if i tried
outside is a holocost of colors in the snow and its ninety degrees here i am hoping the wind will blow, this was only in fairytales but i've now learned what it means to not be cold.

The author's comments:
This was A feeling that someone gave me.

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