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May 22, 2010
By Olivia-Schultze SILVER, Houston, Texas
Olivia-Schultze SILVER, Houston, Texas
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my ipod became my friendly companion on a long trip home. listening to owl city, regina spector, joshua bell, guster, shine down, lalo cello concerto performed by yo yo ma, the moldy peaches, and the twilight soundtrack was nice. these artists all kinda fit together in some weird fascinating way. they all have memories and different meanings to me. a song can bring back things you didn’t want to remember and others that you will always treasure. setting your ipod to shuffle and just laying your head on the car window and gazing outside on the long drive home is strangely relaxing.

dear ipod, you are a sense of peace for me in my swirling brain of thoughts and emotions. me.

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