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April 5, 2021
By Nyx_Knight SILVER, San Diego, California
Nyx_Knight SILVER, San Diego, California
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Today with the urge for gender and racial equality people are constantly debating on most subjects when it comes to either of these topics. One of the most debated topics is “Should sports teams be co-ed?”. I personally believe sports should be co-ed. The first reason being the sexual differences between men and women, despite this being the main argument against co-ed sports, the athletic differences would aid the teams. The second is that the effects of co-ed would most likely have players learn to get along with the opposite gender. The final reason is that it would increase the chances of women getting into college with a sports scholarship.

The athletic differences between men and women are the main reason people are against co-ed sports. But according to the researchers at the University of British Columbia women have higher endurance and stamina than men of similar age and athletic ability. So they can be on the field or court longer. The mixture of extra stamina from women and the natural strength from the men makes a good mixture making the team stronger.  

With sports being co-ed kids would learn to get along with each other. The reason kids of opposite genders don’t really play with each other is “Because you’re a girl” or “Because you’re a girl”. That mentality in the future could get them in trouble. For example, that would be unprofessional if your boss was of the opposite gender and your reason for not listening or for not cooperating was “Because you’re a girl/boy”.

The final reason for sports to be co-ed is the higher chance of women getting into a college with a scholarship. The reasoning behind this is that the male part of sports has more attention on it, so men are more noticed. If teams were co-ed men and women would both get to shine, and women would have a larger opportunity to have attention put on them.

With all these reasons in mind, I believe sports should be co-ed. Because women have higher stamina they can out on the playing field longer. Kids and teens will build relationships faster with the opposite gender. Women will have more attention put on them, giving them more scholarship opportunities. So do you think sports should be co-ed?

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