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June 11, 2008
By Anonymous

I’m real till I die, but it won’t be long the way I’m heading. Where will I go heaven or hell? More than half the time I think I keep it too real, so real that fakeness doesn’t phase me. I’m great but not great enough to have her. I don’t mean to break hearts , it’s just half the time I feel as though I have none . So I await for her to set me free and offer me her heart to take, and take care of for as long as we last. Every time I talk, it’s real talk, never fake. In the end as you live the last few seconds and take you’re last breath, as life flashes by and you realize not everything you wanted to live for was real.

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"as life flashes by and you realize not everythin you wanted to live for was real." thats so true. real: actually existing as a thing or occuring in fact -      according to the Bible, you will never cease to be 'real'. you will merely cease to exist in your present body. after you die, you will be debatably more real then before, and don't have to question whether it will be in heaven or hell. according to the Bible (I use the KJV) if you believe in Jesus Christ and accept his gift of salvation, you can know for sure that you will be realin heaven after you die.