August 26, 2013
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When a child is asked about his aim, he happily answers it by saying what he wants to become. The person asking this question is indirectly trying to know in what kind of profession the child wants to get involved. I think limiting the aim of life in the bracket of profession is mediocre and barely acceptable. We should give a second thought to this topic.

Now a day everyone is obsessed with the exam results. Why? Our life is not all about professional and academic achievements. If your close your eyes and think deeply, miraculously, you will realize that the ultimate aim of your life is to receive ethereal happiness and our achievements are one of the many ways to achieve it. Don’t confuse your path with your destination.

Why are we running for success? After a lot of hard work and struggle, you create a position in the society and then you struggle more to maintain the position because in the deep of your heart you know that once if you fail people won’t care about you. Why to care for such people in the society who is there only during your sunshine? Its good to be social but not at the cost of losing the people whom you love?

Let’s consider there is a student who scored low marks and people all around him is passing comments on him. Under the pressure of the society, his parents also try to act like other people and start saying him that he is not good enough, on whom will he depend? There should be no trepidation to accept a person’s failure. But we know that we are insensitive people that why it is said “Success has many parents but a failure is an orphan.” What if the child who got good result finds no time for his family? Why are we running after maintaining position, gaining respect, success etc? Whatever we deserve we will get that, no one can stop that. But the real problem is that we get so busy in running after these things we stop caring and making time for our near ones. What’s the use of such life?

You must have noticed that in order to give happy endings to a novel, the author tries to show happy relationship among the people and in reality it is the only thing that matter. In your deathbed you are not going to take your certificates along with you but the pleasure of having the people by your side that you love. So your aim should be to keep yourself and people around you happy. It is also an achievement but it is achieved by few.

Children of this generation burst out crying in their room and realize that no one knows how unhappy they are. We should try to ease their pain. Why they hesitate to share their problems with their parents? People say it is because of generation gap. This generation gap is due to lack of communication between them. The parents are busy in pushing their children in the race of life and this cycle continues till the end of the life. Everyone gets so busy in competing that they fail to share their emotions and ends up feeling alone.

It's good to have passion to achieve your goal, but a passion in which you forget to love your near ones is bad. Gaining stability in life is good but if someone becomes selfish in this process, then it’s bad.

Someone said “At the end of the day, the only questions I ask myself are:-
Did I love enough?
Did I laugh enough?
Did I make a difference?”
Why don’t you try asking these questions to yourself? If the answers are yes, you will realize that you are satisfied with your life.

We should learn to be happy in every moment and then happiness will radiate to your surroundings. Life is hard but so very beautiful. Run to achieve your goals but make sure that you don’t forget to enjoy your life. Run after success but make sure that you don’t forget that true happiness lies with your close ones.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.
Life isn’t about achievements; it’s learning to enjoy your victory with others.
Life isn’t about gaining money; it’s about spending special moments with your family.

Think a bit about this topic if you also belong to the throng who is running in the race of life without valuing the trophies that you already have. Achievements in life are good but love in life is everything.

The author's comments:
Success without moral values is useless. Life without love is meaningless.

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A mother's love is like the ocean it's pure and wide.
Life is like a painting one wrong move and it's hard to bring it back to normal.
(I created these quotes)

This is exactly what I think... What I try to explain through my writing. I agree with you 100%. Amazing writing.