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My Silent Protest

May 7, 2009
By Jasonmark SILVER, Juneau, Alaska
Jasonmark SILVER, Juneau, Alaska
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My flag of freedom is not the flag upon the wall that sits in my classroom. Without saying a word I belligerently disrespect my “superiors”. My flag of freedom comes in a wide range of colors, which apparently the school finds offensive. It is stripped; it is checkered, and sometimes paisley. This flag flaps from my back pocket challenging the people who have false authority. The over paid weasels sit in the hallway scouting for bandanas (what a wonderful use of my parent’s tax dollars). When stopped in the hallway I put on my best good boy smile and a humble look upon my face. This is how it plays out, “take off the bandana” he said, “oh, why certainly oh oppressive one” (while bowing). When I round the corner I put it back in my pocket. Why shouldn’t we be allowed to cover our heads with hats? I say we should tell them it is part of our religion. I am a merely covering my head because I am unworthy of god’s grace. They say it is a way of finding people who shouldn’t be at our school; well half of the school defies this rule. The mentally inadequate superiors don’t understand the fact that they are asking us to remove our hats, how would this effect a stranger to our school? Wouldn’t they just remove their hat as well? Our forefathers fought taxation without representation; I say we fight the authority that is not justified. A man who was a giant that roamed our halls was targeted when sitting peacefully eating his lunch. They told this dear boy Danny that he wasn’t allowed to eat his lunch on the carpeted area. The boy was sitting near an entrance; I guess a few food crumbs are more terrible than that of the dog feces, dirt, dust, and any other unmentionable substances tracked into the room on fellow students’ feet. You so called Administrators of Education are nothing but foolish tyrants. I encourage a rebellion to your despicable ways. When you exercise unjustifiable rights you have now become my enemy. This education system is corrupt enough and I will do my best to remove you from the head of the beast that is our education. My onslaught will be unrelenting, and my cries will not fall on deaf ears. The oppressed are getting sick of your tiresome antics, all I have to do is stir the bee hive with the branch of justice and your so called powers will be destroyed. I look forward to ruining your careers my good tyrants. My fellow patriots I thank you; continue the fight.

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To the opressors

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