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Why we go to School

December 7, 2010
By DerekW BRONZE, Weedsport, New York
DerekW BRONZE, Weedsport, New York
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Yes the multi-answer question, now ask yourself why do you go to school? Is it because you need to learn the material that most of the teachers say you wont use in the real world? Is it to try and prepare yourself for the future ahead? You have to ask yourself about many things to find the answer in such odd situations such as the daily routine at school.
My view on the school day is not to learn what they are trying to teach us, but rather too see how they want us to apply these skills to other situations because we dont need to know the special theroms in math but these problem solving skills are used to maybe make important calculated life decisons that could mean happiness or misery.
The other major reason for assembling these many diffrent personalities in one building, is the social interaction. I am 16 and i do get into trouble with a certain teacher and we obvouisly got on the wrong foot. Now you maybe be asking yourself why are you telling me this dumb story? I know that we got eachother at the worst times and i have learned thats part of school as well, being a well rounded student doesnt just mean good grades but being able to see things from someones eles' point of view is crucial for being well respected after highschool.
See school really is all about learning just the content that you are to learn does not come from books but from the events that take place and what you learn in highschool can and will aid you all through you're life.

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What you really learn about in Highschool

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zdman said...
on Dec. 10 2010 at 9:32 am
i agree with u. There are trying to teach us on our skills, not facts or education. I go though the day think "Why do i need this. It won't help me with anything."