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Fast Food In Schools

April 5, 2021
By Nyx_Knight SILVER, San Diego, California
Nyx_Knight SILVER, San Diego, California
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The debate on whether or not schools should or should not serve fast food is greatly debated among most people who are involved with the U.S. school system. Schools shouldn’t sell fast food because fast food isn’t nutritious, will make kids obese, and can cause many different health problems.

The reason fast food is seen as much unhealthier than school lunches is because of the high amounts of trans fat. Despite school lunches and fast food both having similar levels of refined bread. This has something to do with obesity and diabetes. Both contain no dietary fiber, which is needed for the digestive system, according to Iowa State University Extension. 

Some side effects of obesity include high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Every one in three children and teens is affected by obesity. Obesity can also cause a lack of sleep, which is important for young growing bodies. A simple change in diet and some exercise usually will help with this problem. Though this is an easy fix, it is still a large problem for many youths. 

Fast food can cause many health problems the most dangerous is heart disease. High levels of sodium lead to heart disease, strokes, and high blood pressure. There are high levels of sodium in food such as ketchup, canned food mixes, and salad dressings. Whole grains and refined flour can cause the body to release more insulin than necessary. Insulin is a hormone in your body for regulating glucose. Without insulin, your body develops diabetes.

Because of all the health dangers, I believe schools shouldn’t sell fast food. The lack of nutrients can mess up children’s development. Obesity is already a problem and fast food makes it worse. And the health risks aren’t worth it.

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