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to the Future Heart Attacks

May 7, 2009
By Jasonmark SILVER, Juneau, Alaska
Jasonmark SILVER, Juneau, Alaska
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I approach you calmly in this article to discuss your stress levels. I am specifically talking to you the over caffeinated teenager (not to underwrite my caffeine intake). I see you in the halls rushing to class praying to the almighty that you get to class a little early to cram in the few problems that you have forgot to do (guilty as charged). My current state of mind is a little more relaxed than that of my love’s. She is one of those huffy puffy “I can’t believe I have a B” people. I can see the veins pulsing in your forehead when you just think of the pile of homework you have written off for a week. To the procrastinator, I beg of you to just work a little at a time for your sake and mine (I would be a procrastinator, except for the fact that I put work off indefinitely). I worry for your health, when my generation reaches the ripe old age of twenty five, half of us will have stress wrinkles, heart issues, and gray hair. You act like high school is going to make or break your life, why balance something so important as your well being for a class that in one year after high school WONT MATTER? I for one am getting my G.E.D. I can’t take another year in this dramatic stress pool of teenage hormones. What will I do without a high school diploma? (Something is only valuable if someone wants it). I’m going to Arizona to get away from everything that gets in the way of my conscious and subconscious thoughts. You are a soon to be college student probably have no clue as to what you are going to do with your life. I see you crying in the hall way because you didn’t get into the college you wanted. Why settle for less? Go to community college and then transfer! If it means so much to you that you would bawl your eyes out, make the effort! I recommend the movie “Rudy”. I am sure by now you are wondering what set me off. This very morning my girlfriend was freaking out about all the things that she needs to get done. I told her she just needs to relax, (why do we as human beings dismiss the rest of life when we have one single issue?) I was promptly told to shut up. When you stress out about anything you are spending time that you could be using to complete the task, as well as causing health problems (ulcers aren’t fun). I bid you adieu, you can keep your crowded hallways, your feverous attitudes, and the days that drag on and on. I didn’t give my best but I will take the rest of what I have left, I’m leaving the three years I have spent listening to monotone teachers, working in pointless workbooks, and filling out numerous worksheets. This is only high school not life or death so when you sit at your desk at two in the morning working on that Spanish poster just think about that. When you wake up late and speed off to school, when you spend half of your life with a brown nose, and when you take life on your knees, it is just a place where we waste our lives away. Bless your soul the artist, the writer, and the guitarist, who take life slowly and get by without completely dismantling themselves, and reassembling themselves every day. So for me please sleep in that class where the teacher blabs on and on without accomplishing anything, pay attention to anyone who speaks up and makes an effort, hug your parents (makes life much easier), don’t smoke that joint/cigarette, hold your head high, remember to breathe, find out who you are and hold on tight, and most importantly live your life…

P.S. Peace be with you

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Kjersti2 said...
on Jul. 12 2009 at 8:37 am
To this I have to admit that the 4 years I spent in high school were some of the worst years of my life. For me, the kids were just down right mean to me. I went to community college for a while, but I didn't know what I really wanted to study, so I started working. I finally went back to college a few years later and I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree. I fell in love with college when I began studying what was my passion. I grew so much, and now being able to say that I completed college does make me feel like I accomplished something. Find your passion and follow it.