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July 25, 2012
By Crulz BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
Crulz BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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When I was young I had a quick sand box in my back yard to play with. I had 5 brothers and sisters. I never liked the sandbox. But I ended up loving it because, I was the only child... eventually.

One thing that I don’t get is the thing that everyone seems to do. SAGGING. Truly it is a mystery to me. Why do you want to waddle around like a duck, showing your dirty drawers off to people? I would be embarrassed. Actually, I am embarrassed for the people. But what also mystifies me is that they buy the biggest, most flashy belts and they wear them while the sag. WHY?! The purpose of a belt is to prevent your pants falling down. In my opinion it’s not fashionable it is just plain stupidity. A few days ago I was in the mall in the lobby drinking my iced tea and I see a man in a professional outfit going into a store to apply for a job. His suit pants was at the level so that you can see the separation of his boxes and the pants. They were superman boxers and I saw a nasty stain on the back. I was amazed that he seriously thought he was going to get a job looking about that. I have foreseen the end of American culture. I was sacred to see what was going to be the new trend after this in a couple of years. I have seen people sag since I was a baby and I have prayed that it will go out of style like Hannah Montana and the word “swag”, but some way, some how it still lives on. It is time we send sagging to the American culture graveyard. Lets finally say goodbye to sagging. ?

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Type in sagging on google, and see all the stupidity of the pride to have your pants hang down below your waste.

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Runner GOLD said...
on Dec. 2 2013 at 1:04 pm
Runner GOLD, Amherst, Massachusetts
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Dirty drawers!? I always clean mine before I sag.