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Pokèmon- a nostalgia trip

July 22, 2021
By Projonmo BRONZE, Dhaka, Other
Projonmo BRONZE, Dhaka, Other
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Pocket monsters, more commonly referred to as pokèmons have surely crossed most of our lives. Be it the pokèmon series, games or the trading cards, most of us have surely encountered some of it. For all the pokèmon fans out there, the franchise holds really close to their hearts. Starting from anime, games to trading cards, the pokèmon world never fails to deliver wonders. Here's a list of things which are close to any pokèfans heart-

The Pokèmon Games: 

For those who haven't given the classic Nintendo pokèmon games a shot- I highly recommend doing so. Starting from choosing your starter pokemon to fighting amazing gym battles, pokemon league, contests, exploring caves, seas, etc....it surely feels like living our childhood fantasy. You feel like an actual trainer- raising your pokèmons, training them, and battling to make them stronger as though it's our own little world to explore. The download procedure is really simple - you can easily find nintendo ROMs on Google and play them via emulators. Trust me- it will surely be a worthwhile experience. You can begin your journey from the old classic pokemon fire red/leaf green games and delve into the wonders of the Kanto region, or the later ones such as black and white, Platinum, Diamond, Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby to name a few. Although the graphics of these games might not hook you up immediately the story, adventure and the things you explore will surely amaze you. 
After these classic NDS and gameboy games came Pokèmon Go for android in 2016. The game surely attracted a huge crowd, both fans and regular people- where people could go out of their house and search for pokèmons in the wild, fight gym battles, and encounter trainers. The newer games such as Pokèmon Sword and Shield, Let's go Pikachu are available on the Nintendo switch with higher-quality graphics and are surely worth giving a shot.

Pokèmon TCG ( Trading Card Games):

Whether you are a fan or not, pokèmon cards surely have crossed your way. For many fans, they are surely something they can't do without. Digging in those nicely sealed booster packs for those ultra and super rare cards really feels like searching for treasure. Getting your favourite pokèmon and legendaries in those packs really feels heavenly. Fun fact which some of you might already know is-  some of the rarest pokemon cards can cost more than you can possibly imagine. First comes the classic 1999 first edition vintage shadow less holographic charizard which was sold for $220,574 in 2020. There are also many other rare cards which many pokèmon fans around the world are dying to get their hands on and are sold for really high prices. This is another aspect which makes searching for those rare cards a really worthwhile experience. Also International pokèmon card championships are often arranged where pokèmon card collectors and players challenge in TCG tournaments.

Pokèmon Series:

Although first released as video games in Japan back at 1996, the pokèmon anime series is what captured the attention of many. It formed a bridge between the games, showing the adventure of catching and battling with pokèmons through the eyes Ash Ketchum, a 10 year old pokèmon trainer (first episode released on April 1st, 1997). Over the trace of the his journey, we see him make new friends, rivals, connect with pokèmons, do gym battles and fight in the pokèmon league. New seasons were released ever since its first launch bringing newer regions and newer kinds of pokèmon. With it came the pokèmon movies which surely has taken the series to a whole new level- introducing legendary pokèmons, exploring stories and tales of the pokèmon world, etc. I really recommend watching the pokèmon movies and they shall surely be in your bucket list if you are thinking to dive deeper into the pokèmon world.

The author's comments:

Pokèmon is something that has been really close to my heart since my early childhood. Watching the show and living through the journey which the series encompassed brought me joy like no other. Also I have grown up on pokèmon TCGs, games and movies. Hence in this article I give my shot by delving into the insights of the franchise and talk about things which are really close to any pokèmon fans heart. Moreover, I believe people outside the franchise will also be able to relate to the article and it will also provide them a greater picture about the franchise in general. It would really mean the world to me if I can get this article published and share my stories and viewpoints through it!

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