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Rap Music

May 19, 2021
By KristianIb BRONZE, Tirana, Other
KristianIb BRONZE, Tirana, Other
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Rap, a way for talented artists to express themselves in the form they would like to be viewed as. Rap music has been targeted and shown as a negative and basically evil. It has been basically abolished in some households and some parents completely remove the thought of rap music in their children’s head as they think it makes people harsher and angrier which is definitely not the case despite some studies which in my opinion are flawed and can be easily influenced. I love rap music and I find it as an outlet for rappers who want to express themselves and show the world, they can be more than what they seem to be. 
Rap music is sometimes portrayed as either dangerous or negative due to some of the vocabulary that the rappers use  WebMD apparently did a study on 522 girls who spent time on listening to the rap videos but over the course of a one-year period study they found out that and I quote one of the most random statements like “Three times more likely to hit a teacher, over 2.5 times more likely to get arrested, twice as likely to have multiple sex partners, 1.5 times more likely to get an STD, use drugs, or drink alcohol.” To me that sounds like random answers or if they aren’t they are definitely not accurate because of just music, 522 girls will all have different personalities whether they listened to rap or not. I think this data made by them is completely flawed as they can’t determine that kind of harsh information from different people and use it as a valid argument. 
Nowadays rap is more accepted but it used to be very hated and not listened to until NWA who are a gang/band that pioneered rap. Their music was all made to represent where they came from and express themselves which they did but were suppressed by the police when they did not let them preform a song they made because of the way police treated them in their neighborhoods they were briefed before the concert by the police and they were told they’re not allowed to perform the song “F*ck Tha Police” Showing how society used to see it and they should see it how the rappers see it and people who don’t listen to rap or have never listened will use these media platforms to talk negatively about it and will never give it a chance. 
I want to promote rap music because it makes people feel good and let them express themselves and become someone, they can only believe of becoming, from rappers who grow up in poor neighborhoods and poverty to people who experienced something and want to show and let out all their feelings. I suggest anyone that doesn’t like rap music purely because of media portrayals that you should really listen to the lyrics and where the rappers are coming from before judging a whole music community. 

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