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Month of Romance

February 11, 2016
By Buble PLATINUM, Ammon, Idaho
Buble PLATINUM, Ammon, Idaho
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Love and loyalty run deeper than blood. By: Richelle Mead

Roses are red, violets are blue, tis the month to be thinking of you.

Love is in the air and cupid has taken flight for it is the month of Valentines.

Everyone is rushing to buy their beloved a box of candy, some roses of pure beautiful scarlet red, or a teddy bear to tell them how much they really care about them.

Valentine's Day, a holiday well known for its bright vibrant colors.

Valentine's Day is a day to show loved ones your affection. Be it by buying them a gift or just telling them how much they mean to you, just show them you really do care.

My name is Daisy, and I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic. For years I’ve always looked forward to our famous month of romance, to see and enjoy the wonderful feelings that come along with the gifts. Everyone says you can’t celebrate a month of romance without a boyfriend or girlfriend. Well, I call bull. You don’t need a boy/girlfriend to enjoy the day. Celebrate with friends, family, or anyone you care about. Valentine’s Day is more than a day about gifts from a cute girl or some hot football guy, It’s about showing the ones you love, the ones you care about the most in the world, how much they mean to you.

For example, You love your parents, right? Why not show them that by giving them breakfast in bed. Or cleaning the whole house and letting them relax for a little while. You love your friends, right? Why not show them that by telling them thank you for being your best friend or getting them a special gift.

Whoever it is, just show them how much you care. You don’t have to go out and spend a whole ton of money on gifts or anything. A small something that shows your affection will suffice. Just remember it’s not about how much money you have to spend or whether or not you’ve found a boy/girlfriend, just show the ones you love or care about in the world how much you appreciate them as individuals. 

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