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Why'd you give up?

March 31, 2012
By Elena Le BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
Elena Le BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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It's hard going through break ups we all know that. Especially if you thought that the guy/girl would never hurt you. Well i recently went through a really hard break up. The relationship started on September 01, 2011. We were together for exactly 6 months and 29 days. Only 2 more days until 7 months. Things started off kinda normal, like every relationship hugging, talking, kissing, butterflies. We got to a point where i guess we were just tolerating each other. We barely spoke, we'd kiss but not like how we did before. He'd go his own way, and I'd go my way. I acted like everything was fine, yet i should have told him how i feel. We slowly grew apart and he broke up with me. I cried my eyes out. i stayed up for hours crying and crying. i woke up every morning hoping it was all just a dream. Sometimes i wonder what it would be like if we stayed together. Would things have changed for the better? or for the worse? So many people told me he only came back to me the first time because he wasn't done hurting me. I didn't listen to them i was blinded by love. We lasted about 2 days and he broke up with me again. I still try to hold in tears. We talk everyday. I still tell him i love him, but is it a mistake to do that? I asked him if there would ever be a chance that we would get back together, and he simply replies with , " yes , what do you think? " I had to answer honestly. i didn't say yes, but i didn't say no. I simply said , " i hope we do. " he doesn't know i shed a tear every time we talk about the relationship. He doesn't know a thing about how much it hurts me. He acts like everything is fine. How do you do that!? Why do guys hide their feelings? it makes the girl feel like they NEVER cared .. I know many people go through hard break ups' as well. If you are brave enough to say " goodbye " , god will give you a new " hello " . There is someone out there for you, don't sit and wait on one person when there are million of other people in this world.

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