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A Voice Apart from the World

January 31, 2011
By angelina green GOLD, Navarre, Florida
angelina green GOLD, Navarre, Florida
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This year their are 3,458,785 seniors in the United States, next year it wil be my turn. To the same as many people want to say I have found the love of my life. In high school people fall in and out of relationships and think it is ok to date everyone and anyone as long as you stay with in these rules; one never cheat on someone, two do not sleep around, three never date your best friend's crush behind his/her back, and four always think before saying yes. Now I will admit the last rule is pretty universal, but to the rest they all seem resonable, right? Well to me that does not make them acceptable what so ever. I am a junior in high school and have many friends who have dated from the ratio of no one to just about everyone, twice. I am not bagging on these perticular friend but I will say I am proud of those who have dated little to none.

I have realized a lost cause amongst the students my age is respect for the art of winning a women's heart, falling for a special someone who will not disappear in about two months or less. I do not want to use the term passion because the word passion is commonly used in the context of sex and that is completely the opposite of my point. I will as well state that I am not condemming anyone for having sex for it is their choice, though I will say that you are depleting your heart and its purity everytime. Since the term young lovers has moved its meaning from a deep connection between two people caring for one another, to the term lovers as sex, it has lost its sense of delicacy. I believe that though the world in influxuated with teens who say they are inlove and end up falling out of love is well in plain ernesty a heaping loud of crap. Love can not disapear it is like matter it can not be destroyed nor created. Love has been around for centuries and will continue.
I would like to show the different points of a relationship if love is really their. Do you find yourself in and out of a relationship either one or a circle of guys? If so you may want to consider the fact that no matter how long your relationship lasts that there is still a constent trend of breaking and making up, this is a way of showing that it is in fact not true love. You see if it were love then why must would it take a break up to show it. Does it seem like you become upset with one another easily and it takes a while to make up or even may end in a break up? It is not love, if it were you two should be able to work it out with one another.
Now let us take a step back, have you been thinking about your past relationships, have ever said or thought oh it is different in our situation or it is complicated. Have you been lying to yourself. the more you lie to yourself about these things the more it will tear you down inside. I have many friends and have met many people who will ask for the advice but never take it and who will say they are through then put themselves right back where they started. It is time for the youth of this age to take hold to their self principles and not of the worlds, because where will it get you, alone heart broken maybe even a divorce one day. Like I proclaimed in the beginning, I have found the love of my life and he has never left me, cares for me, and only builds me up never tears me down. We share a friendship first and a relationship second, it is the words I love you we cherish and say to no one but family and eachother, for these words are special. Our parents never try to pull us apart, they trust us and we do not take advantage of it. We have promised eachother to obstain from sex until marriage to prove to on another that it is not our bodies that we want but our hearts. I will be graduating next year know what lies ahead and I am not afraid.
I give words of wisdom to you all, learn the difference between love and lust. If you realize that if a break up were to happen and you just could not remain friends then it was probably not love because in order for there to be love there must be friendship. Take what I have written carefully and reread it if neccessary or even pass it on, learn from your mistakes and do not ever go back for if you do, no person can help you anymore for you will not listen. That is when you become a helpless cause and a part of the misfortunate world we live in.

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