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My crazy crew

September 16, 2023
By Bethanblack PLATINUM, Kington, Please Select
Bethanblack PLATINUM, Kington, Please Select
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Take a step into my maniac family, the ones who irritate me constantly, who make me laugh until I can hardly breath and the ones who will always have my back. Like any group of people, we don't always get along but at the very same time, they make my life worth living. Every day with them is a day full of colour and chaos. So brave yourself to delve into the crazy, the dramatic and the downright embarrassing.

After living amongst my family for a while, you eventually realise that we're basically zoo full of different wacky animals. Each just as different and unique as the other but just click. It's hard to even begin to talk to my family because it's so difficult to paraphrase us into one measley essay. How can someone unpack my brother live performances of Micheal Jackson and Freddie Mercury in his animated actions or my dad's cheesy jokes that makes my brother erupt into laughter into this paragraph.

But allow me to introduce you to the all time best at cheesy dad jokes, darts enthusiast and part time couch potato. When together, we can joke and insult eachother but know that neither of us mean it. Because at the end of the day, it's said with love. My dad is my real life superhero that I wouldn't trade for the world. And honestly, he's my unpaid essay reader. Whether I get a ton of feedback is a completely different matter. Next in the lineup is my mother, a complete workaholic. If there's anybody to choose to be a role model, then I'd say it's her. All her life, she was told she would never be a nurse, never do well in life and told that she'd be better as a cleaner. Despite all this, she worked tirelessly and whilst she didn't become a nurse, she managed to be a scanning technician. All the time, she does so much for our family and somehow deals with me. To my grave disappointment, my parents had another child after me. I recall asking my parents as a child if we could send him back from where we got him. But at the end of the day, I love this kid. Whilst he often goes out his way to annoy me and get me in trouble, I would protect the short, elf-lookalike with my life. He can be a huge show-off around his friends but can also be the kindest, most thoughtful boy known to earth. It just depends who you get faced with.

In all honesty, my family don't have the most interesting or unique of holidays and rituals. And as for things we do daily, I get completely bored. You might be wondering what could be so boring but I often end up having to watch my brother play rugby. For those who enjoy sports may see this as not that bad however for me, this is painstakingly boring. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to support my brother and maybe I could if I actually understood the game. As for holidays, we don't celebrate Halloween because it's deemed to be begging. We mostly only celebrate Easter and Christmas. Every Easter, we have an Easter egg hunt but its extremely easy for me now. However it's fun to spend time with my family. Not to mention, I love to eat the eggs! A lot of the time, my dad and I cook food like soups and curries. My dad tends to take over even if I'm cooking by myself but that's just who he is. And I love him for it.

We go out a lot for dinners, museums or just shopping. When my mum dresses up, she always tells me that she's quite trendy really. We all know that she's not really, just because she puts on a beige leather jacket. And I think my parents are sick of me asking how they did in their tests at school as I stress ot over my own grades. As for my brother, he's just sick of me period. But these band of monkeys shaped me into the perosn I am today and I am so grateful to be born into this family. I believe I am privileged and I must be grateful for it. So I'm glad that I know these AMAIZNG people and this is a thank you. Thank you for shaping me into who I am. Thank you for your support and belief in me. Thank you.

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THSI piece is dedicated to my wacky family. Love the lot of you 😘

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