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Controlled love

September 8, 2023
By Sansa050707 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Sansa050707 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Being in love is something that's very special but complicated at times. You can have some good days then some bad days. There can be arguments but also makeups. Juggling a relationship is hard but at the end of the day it can be worth it if you can handle it. Jealousy is mainly the problem and has a big effect on a relationship.

      There is a super popular girl named Angie. She is 18 years old and a senior in highschool. She dated this guy named Josh and they were forever in love. Josh has a girl best friend named Jackie and they have been friends since elementary so they have been through the high and lows together. Angie has never liked Jackie and felt like she was always in the way between her and Josh. Because she has dealt with it for the past 3 years, she decided to finally do something about it. 

       One day Josh and Angie went to one of their friend’s graduation parties. When they got to the party, Angie spotted Jackie at the party and her blood started to boil. But Josh never knew Jackie was coming. They decided to talk about it later and continued on with the party. Later at night Jackie spots Josh and Angie and like a good human being she decides to go say hi but that did not sit well with Angie. Angie got so mad that she threw Jackie into the pool with rage. Josh with worry jumped into the pool and got Jackie out. That made Angie flip out and made her even more angry so she decided to just leave. Josh made sure Jackie was ok as a friend should do and also said sorry about Angie’s behavior. Jackie said it was totally fine and to not worry about it.

After Angie left she went to Josh’s best friend Adam's house and cheated on him but Josh didn't find out until later. The next day Josh went to talk to Angie and she said she was very sorry for the way she behaved but little did he know she was just acting and actually didn't care. She told Josh that she thinks he's cheating on her with Jackie but Josh promised he wasn't and that he would never do that to her but Angie did tell Josh she had to stop talking to Jacke if they still wanted to be together and because Josh loved Angie he agreed. Josh decided to show Angie that he loves her and would never cheat on her so he proposed to her at a fancy restaurant. Angie was super excited but Josh still didn't know Angie was seeing his best friend. One day Josh came home and told Angie he lost his job and Angie got mad and yelled at him. She said he had to find a new job fast or she would leave him. Josh didn't know what to do so he called Jackie so he could tell her what was going on. Jackie said there was an open spot at her job and he agreed to go knowing Angie would kill him if he found out. Josh went home and told Angie he got a job and she was super glad. One day Angie went to visit Josh at work and as she walked in she saw Jackie. She couldn't believe her eyes and was abstracted. She left slamming the door behind her and went to Adams house. Later that day one of Josh’s friends sophisticated the fact that Adam told him he was seeing Angie. He couldn't believe that. When Josh saw Angie again he told her the engagement is broken and they will not get married. He asked for the ring back Angie was indigent and couldn't believe Josh said that. She screamed at him and told him why and that she did nothing wrong. Josh didn't want to tell her the reason but it was because she was cheating on him. Angie thought it was because she wanted to be with Jackie so she had a plan that would leave her and Josh together forever she thought. One night she went to Jackie's house with a knife planning to kill Jackie fr revenge for breaking her engagement. She was being very nefarious. As she secretly entered the house she saw Jackie and was ready to go kill her. As she ran ready to go stab her Josh was just entering the front door. Josh ran as fast as he could to stop Angie but Angie got to stab her in the back and told Jackie in her ear this is what you get for breaking my engagement. Josh ran to Jackie and stopped Angie before she stabbed her more. Josh called 911 and Angie was confused as to why Josh was there. Angie said this is what she gets and he deserves to always be with her. Josh told her that she was very ingrate. Angie didn't understand what he meant then Josh told her it was because she cheated on him. Angie was telling Josh she didn't and that she would never but she was obviously lying. Josh left Angie and never saw her again after she did that to Jackie. After time went on Jackie and Josh ended up getting married and Angie is now living a very lonely and horrible life because of the decisions she made.

       A relationship is hard to handle but being jealous is never the answer

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Josh and Angie have a rocky relationship.

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