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The Boy Who Changed My Life

July 4, 2022
By lordyn-kolisnek15 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
lordyn-kolisnek15 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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January 30, 2021 was a very special, unforgettable moment in my life. On January 30th I met my lifelong best friend and love of my life. Almost a year and a half later we’re still going strong. Conner has taught me so many valuable lessons. He’s helped me find myself and change my life for the better. Words don’t describe how thankful I am for him. 

Before I met Conner I never had actually had a real relationship. I did have little “things” with dudes. It never got past the talking stage. However, I’m grateful for that. Everything in my past led me to where I am now. I guess I could say it felt like a part of me was missing. Like a missing piece of a puzzle. I know that I can say that Conner was that missing piece of the puzzle. 

Currently, I’m happy. Although I am struggling with my own mental health, Conner and his family have been a huge help. They’ve encouraged me to get the proper help I need. I haven’t smiled or laughed harder with anyone than when I’m with him and his family. Who knew some random dating app would end up completely changing my life. 

While being in this relationship I’ve learned how to work with another person and the importance of communication. No couple is perfect, but we continue to do our best to reach our level of perfection. The things Conner has done for me no one else would ever do or even attempt to do. He stayed in bed with me for multiple days after two surgeries I had. He’s seen me at my lowest and highest. Knowing that he still loves me as much as he did when we first met and after experiencing all kinds of things with me is so meaningful. I know that we can make it through anything and no problem is too big for us to handle. 

Conner and his family helped me find my love for writing. I had been going through a rough time after getting leg surgery and quitting theater. I felt lost. I had danced and done theater for years and now it ended. They helped introduce me to new things. Writing became my passion. I can express myself in unique ways and create interesting stories with the world. 

The future has so much in store for us. We plan on eventually getting married and having our own family. We plan to spend the rest of eternity together. He’s my soulmate. My life partner. My best friend. 

I truly believe there is someone out there for everyone. Sometimes some relationships are with the right person, but at the wrong time. People come into our lives for reasons. I can confidently say Conner is here to stay. He’s changed my life and I'm forever grateful. 

The author's comments:

This piece is about my boyfriend who's bettered me as a person and made my life so much better. 

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