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Is Tupac Worth Studying?

December 2, 2016
By JohnRuiz SILVER, Sacramento, California
JohnRuiz SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Smoking weed, drinking, promoting violence, and calling women b****es, this was the meaning of Tupac and his violent nature as the most well known rapper in Hip-Hop culture. His young adult life was very hard on him, his mother was a addict and never met his father. However Tupac was different. He wrote poems constantly about his love for women and his reality of things.Then the he wanted to do Rap music as his career which change his personality a lot.

He constantly smoked weed also rapping it in his music which make young adults think smoking weed is the s*** then make them buy it which well also change them.

Tupac is music and every rapper music has a word to describe women which is “B****”. The word really set off a lot of people mostly women going against rappers who call them b****es and even today rappers still use the word in their music. However, it was never been the case in the beginning for Tupac, when he was younger he didn’t call any woman a b**** until society changes his image to say those ungrateful words. In the data-set the author states “Their use of b**** usually does little more than the female bashing of their male counterparts.”

Tupac is known to did a lot of violent acts in his music career which he also puts in his music. For example, he shot two cops and he said that he did it in self defense reasons. Tupac has a love for weapons, even having owning AK-47’s and sometimes shooting them. Tupac lyrics in his music make him sound dangerous and ruthless and teens looked up for him for that.

Tupac is not worth studying because he is  majorly known for being misogynistic. Tupac did and say a lot of things negative. For example Tupac and mostly every single rapper refers women as b****es which really trigger some people off and even in the present, people still use that word and women don’t even mind. Also, young adults looks up to him and try to be similar to him at the time. Even, him saying the n word really make the black community looks bad and everybody today still use that word for bro or homie. In the data set it states “ the n word really made our black community look bad and how we say it aswell and it's a racial problem,”

Overall even though a lot of his music is great and all, but he is not worth studying at all because the acts he did and the effects what he did in Hip Hop culture that made it what it is today.

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on Feb. 5 2017 at 8:14 am
BennyBoy42 SILVER, Tirana, Other
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You clearly know nothing about Tupac. First of all, he had reasons for shooting the two cops. He also has a reason for calling those specific people "bi***". And he never promoted smoking week, drinking, or anything like that. He mentions those things, but doesn't promote them. I do agree that a few times he took things too far, but every person goes through that stage. He still is a genius, in his songs and real life. He gives very strong messages through his songs and manages to pass that message through quality songs. I love his lyrics, rhymes, rhythm, the way he uses his voice, and the way in which the instrumental is great and matches with the meaning of the song. This shows why we should study his songs. But I'm not done yet. He also should be studied for his brain. One very good reason that he was a genius is that he managed to deceive almost everyone into thinking that he was dead. Now I'll start sounding like a conspiracy theorist, but it can't just be a coincidence. His whole last album had songs that were about his death. Some of his songs were also symbolizing resurrection. He even gave himself the nickname of "Makaveli", after the Italian Niccolo Machiaveli. He read one of his books in jail. One of the things that the book was about was the master plan of faking his death to avoid all of his enemies. His last album was also called: "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory". He died after staying 7 days in the hospital. He was shot on the 7th of September. Also if u rearrange the letters in "Makaveli", you can write "Am Alive". There are many coincidences. But there are so many coincidences, that it has to have been a plan. And it shows how he was a genius.