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“the good, the bad, and the damsel in distress”

June 21, 2012
By fidgetyfrog GOLD, Panchkula, Other
fidgetyfrog GOLD, Panchkula, Other
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"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"- Dr. Seuss

“Hey listen.”


“Know, one thing about action movies-”

“You mean those macho-man-movies?”

“Well, yeah.”


“The always have a villain and a hero.”

“Don’t forget the damsel in between!”

“Ha, of course. Now-“

“Save me you hunky ball of muscle!”


“Kick the big bad dude’s ass!”

“Yes, yes. But that’s not the point here.”

“Aw man! And here I was, in complete dumb-hot-chick-mode.”

“Now what I’m saying is-”

“I shall overlook the fact that you completely ignored my high pitch act.”

“-both the guys have an army of sidekicks, no, make that minions, running around with them.”


“Throughout the length of the film there’s fighting and explosives and one on one duals and-“

“Female kung-fu spies.”

“You’re not listening!”

“Oh, I’m sorry mister-hear-me-out-and-play-dead!”

“Argh, listen.”

“I said I am.”

“My point is, tons of unnamed minions are killed throughout but somehow, the main characters survive till that epic climax scene.”

“mm.. dude, they have to?”

“Well there’s no crying mob for them. On the other hand there’s a huge commotion taking place each time the main characters get shot or whatever. The villain, or the hero in some cases, even DIES slowly.”

“...and you’re saying?”

“I’m saying. The side you choose doesn’t really matter. You can be a good guy or a a bad one, but to be remembered, for your dying moment to be played in slow motion, you need to make it big with whatever role you play. Have impact.”

“Am I sensing the presence of a future thug here?”

“Hm... who knows?”

“Well, were it me, I’d pick the dumb-hot-chick-in-trouble. They ALWAYS have a happy ending.”

“Sure man, just make sure you end up being the dumbest, hottest chick there is.”

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