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Alcohol misuse

April 24, 2012
By CyberLydii GOLD, Dearborn Heights, Michigan
CyberLydii GOLD, Dearborn Heights, Michigan
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Before I begin, I'd like to start with this: in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with drinking in moderation, as long as your are at or above the legal drinking age. It's even okay to get drunk every once in a while! That being said, one should be careful. A friend of mine (21) recently got drunk (in his own apartment) with friends. He had blacked out in the bathroom, and nobody had helped him. If he had drank any more, it could have ended badly. It caused me endless worry when he woke up and texted me, telling me what had happened. "will it happen again?" "what if he won't wake up next time?" these thoughts and more raced through my head. I couldn't even have someone check on him, because he lives in a different state. Bottom line, if you're going to drink, be careful. If you're going to get drunk, make an arrangement for someone to help you out in case something happens. Just be safe when you drink, you don't know who you're going to worry. P.L.U.R. <3

The author's comments:
I just wrote this to get the word out. I'm not trying to convince anyone to not drink, I just want everyone to be careful.

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