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My Opinion On This Little Thing Called Gay Marriage

May 6, 2012
By laurenmay123 GOLD, Chico, California
laurenmay123 GOLD, Chico, California
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Okay, let me start off by saying that I completely respect both sides of the spectrum. I'm a pretty openminded person and anything I'm about to say comes from a completely unbiased place.

Before you read this, I ask you to take a breather, think logically, and open your mind.

I'm not particularly religious. I have my own beleifs, but that's beside the point. I understand that God's image didn't include men marrying men and women marring women. Adam and Eve weren't of the same sex, and we should respect that. Shouldn't we?

In all honesty, I think we need to let go of the past and decide the laws based on our world today. In today's society, ten percent of the population are considered gay/lesbian/bisexual. We need to respect those people. And I'll tell you right now that being gay is not a choice. It's been a trait in people since the begining of history (Louis the fourteenth, Duke Ling of Wei, Emporer Ai of Han..)

Doesn't that seem odd, that someone would deliberatly choose to be judged by society and have their rights taken away, just to turn around and ask for them back? Why would gays want the right to get married if they had chosen to give them up?

Now before you go thinking, Exactly! It doesn't make sense, think. Think about yourself. Could you ever, ever see yourself purposefully giving up your rights to marriage and marying a woman? I can't even imagine kissing a girl. It seems so odd to me and, yes, so unnatural.

The thing is, you're right. It is unnatural. It's an unnatural concept that "God" probably didn't mean to have happen. But there is a lot of science behind how one turns out gay.

It all has to do with hormone levels. Everyone, boy or girl, has a certain level of testosterone and estrogen. Some straight girls have a ton of testosterone and turn out a little boyish, while some boys have more estrogen than needed and are a bit girly. You can't argue with this--it's proven and it's part of common knowledge.

What makes a person gay is the abundance of either hormone in the opposite sex. Men with too much estrogen, though they are men, become attracted to other men because it's in their biology. The same is true with women.

We know this is true because--you guessed it--it's true in animals. Animals with unbalanced hormone levels tend to like animals of the same sex. And yes, human beings are a species of animals. You learn it in school and it's a fact. Even Christians and followers of any other religion beleive this to be true.

So, with that peice of knowledge collected, it seems odd that these people who had no choice with their sexuality, have limited rights when it comes to marriage.

They don't want something as a replacement of marriage--they want equality. And just like God was the foundation of America, so was equality.

We're living in the era of change and of acceptance. We finally accept diversity (for the most part) and try to keep everyone content without our own opinions getting in the way.

Even though you may not agree with it, how would legal gay marriage affect you personally? What would it do to you that's so awful that you agree to keep their rights restrcited?

Again, I completely respect your opinion. I hope I've helped someone in some form, and I'm glad you took the time to read this.

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on May. 11 2012 at 11:30 am
BekkaGoodwin BRONZE, Haddonfield, New Jersey
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"We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves from others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves." -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"In all honesty, I think we need to let go of the past and decide the laws based on our world today."   That is exactly what I say. I agree with you. I think they have every right to get married.