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Gay Marriage

August 27, 2011
By Gleek4ever GOLD, Hometown, Illinois
Gleek4ever GOLD, Hometown, Illinois
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Now I know that some people think that just because you are gay, lesbian or bisexual, you should be tortured. But I have a couple of friends who are gay or lesbian, and people look at them like, they're a piece of crap. It's time to stop looking at people who are those things like they are invisible, or like they are not human! They are just like us; they just either like the same sex or they like both! It's not a big deal. Now in some states, I know they passed that gay/lesbian couples can get married legally, and that is fantastic! Now if we can get through congress' or whoever mind that they need to have Gay Rights! That's the main reason we do Day of Silence every April, we want them to have their own rights without getting teased or picked on. It's getting really dumb how so many people see this going on and they do nothing! Sure, they might want to; but thinking and doing are two different things! Next time you hear a phrase like, "Get outta my way, you f," (and you know what I mean my that word) do something! I always do, whenever I hear that phrase or any other phrase like that, I step in and I tell that person to back off and normally they listen to me. Anyways, I just want to voice my opinion about this issue that always seems to be coming up everywhere, especially schools. That is where I believe is where all this crap is going on at, and it's time to do something.
So if you are against Gay people, I can't change your mind, but maybe if you read this, you will change your mind all by yourself.

The author's comments:
I don't know, I was just really ticked off at how many people get picked on just because they are gay.

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