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Taliban Drug Trade

April 26, 2017
By Yayis8585 SILVER, Tirana, Other
Yayis8585 SILVER, Tirana, Other
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In autumn of 1994, the Taliban came to prominence in Afghanistan (BBC). The Taliban are a group of “Islamic extremists” that are considered terrorists by mostly first world countries such as Germany, Australia and Belgium. They said that they want to bring peace and security to Afghanistan, and wanted to overthrow the government to put in their own type of Sharia, or Islamic Law (BBC). On march 23, the Taliban captured an area, the Sangin, in Afghanistan where most of the drugs are transported, especially Heroin. This is terrible news for the world because the Taliban are now being supported by this drug trade and it will help them acquire more money. There is also an irony in this because muslims are not allowed to deal with drugs and they think they are Islamic Extremists. This is very interesting because it shows the irony of it but also the amount of money and support the Taliban's will get is a bit unnerving.

It is very ironic that the Taliban are supported by a drug trade because drugs are actually banned by Islam, but the Taliban claim that they are Islamic extremists. The Taliban say that they fight in the name of Allah and follow all the rules, therefore they make the people that they control, follow Allah and join their organization or if they don’t cooperate, they kill them. That makes no sense to me because they do not even follow the simple rule of banning drug use, It is very interesting and sad to see how some people will do anything to gain power and support, including compromising their beliefs. The Taliban is a perfect example of how people will change their own values in order to gain power and in some cases spread fear across a nation, or even the entire world.
The terrifying thing about this is that they will have more money and support which leads to more power and more weapons. To the world, this is an issue because the more power they have, the more confident they will become which could lead them to do more and more drastic things which could endanger other countries.


Countries in the middle east will struggle and fear attacks because most of the protection of the US army is gone. I think that it would have been better if the US army would have erased the Taliban completely because that would have meant that there would be less fear. Though there are 10,000 US soldiers in Afghanistan, it isn’t enough to stop the Taliban because they keep growing every year. That is an effect of the US army not finishing what they started and just encouraging the Taliban to continue and work harder.

In conclusion, the Taliban control over the Sangin and the drug trade is creating fear around the whole world because the more power they have the more they will dare to do which could lead to more danger and death. It is also interesting how they say that they are Islamic Extremists but they sell drugs in order to gain power. This resembles our modern society in the fact that people will do anything to gain power including compromising their beliefs and values. I think that it would be better and safer for all of us, if the US army would bring more soldiers to Afghanistan to fight and finish off the Taliban once and for all. They have terrorized the world enough and it needs to stop.

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