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Fixing America's Economy

March 16, 2009
By Alexander Hoffman BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Alexander Hoffman BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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There has been much talk about America's economy recently, especially concerning the new government bailout policy that could salvage the situation, or make it worse. The truth is however, that whether or not the bailout was a good idea, the most important thing that can affect the economy is the way that people manage their own money.
Now I don't mean to say that people should be selfish, or that they should ignore their neighbor's plight, but I am saying that people should stop squabbling about how the government should fix the economy for them, and try to do their part to fix it themselves.

There are some people who believe that the government will be their knight in shining armor, and charge in wielding their economic bailout, to save the nation from poverty and oppression, don't count on it.

The truth is, that whatever the government will try to do to save us from ourselves, isn't nearly as important as the actions of smart, competent people who are good with their money and have the determination to push their way through the difficult times ahead.

There are some people who hope that the government''s bailout, will help them stay afloat, and some others, like me, who are more skeptical of the government's radical actions. Eventually time will tell who was right and who was wrong, but right now, people should move past the blood feud between Liberals and Conservatives, and work together to free America from the grip of economic recession.

This is not to say however, that Conservatives should just give in to the Liberal majority, or that Liberals should make extreme concessions to the Conservatives who lost the American political battle, but that people from both sides of the slate should work together to establish a compromise that is a least partly suitable to both factions.

I may disagree with President Obama on most things, but the one thing he says that I do believe (whether or not he truly does is yet to be seen) is that in this time of crisis, people cannot afford to take sides on economic issues, they have to shed their pride and partisanship and work together to achieve their common goal, making America a wealthy and prosperous nation once again. In the end, it is not the skilled maneuvering of our government (though that can help sometimes), but the actions of smart, competent people who are willing to compromise their pride and petty rivalry's, that will help us most in the time of crisis.

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