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The Reason Behind Bernie-Mania

April 11, 2016
By YourFuturePresident PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
YourFuturePresident PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
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Bernie-Mania. Feeling the "bern." You all know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about Bernie Sanders, one of the two remaining Democratic candidates running for the highest office on earth- the United States presidency.


For a long time, it was predicted that Bernie’s rival and current frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, would have an easy swoop at the nomination. Now before I go on, I’d like to make it clear Hillary is way ahead of Bernie, both in votes and in delegates. The only path to the nomination for Bernie involves cutting a lot of corners and using unconventional methods that have nothing to do with winning the majority.


Even so, Bernie Sanders has done much better than he was expected to do. At first his campaign just expected to perhaps win New Hampshire- but now he’s hot off a 7-state winning streak. So why is this? Why is this old senator from Vermont taking voters- especially teens and millennials- by storm?


Because if you look at the math, Bernie has no way of achieving all his promises. His numbers simply don’t add up. Many of the things he is advocating for, such as free college for everyone, are nice ideas, but just have no possible way of becoming reality. So why is he still winning so many votes?


The answer is surprisingly simple. First of all, Bernie’s support base is mainly young people. One would find that a bit fishy considering he’s the oldest candidate running. But not if you look at it closely. Bernie Sanders is one who makes big, overly-optimistic promises.


Older people who have more experience with the political process and how laws actually get passed tend to be more skeptical when specifics aren’t provided. But young people tend to gravitate more towards the whole “revolution” principle, and the whole idea of bringing the “billionaire class” to justice which Bernie has feverently inforced. They typically show little interest for seemingly distant yet important matters like foreign policy or the specifics of how exactly things will get done.


But the second and most important reason is that Bernie Sanders has never been subjected to the negative attacks Hillary clinton has. Even though Bernie has been in politics for a while, he’s never been a household name or in such a bright spotlight like Hillary has been in.  People have uncovered everything there is to know about Hillary, and 63 MILLION dollars have been spent attacking and spreading rumors about her, which explains why she has such a low favorability, even in her own party.


This is a very high risk election. If a Republican like Trump or Cruz get into the white house, the country will be moving in a dark, backward way that will not only affect the US, but the world. This is not an election to take lightly.


The democratic nominee is going to face the biggest onslaught of negative attacks they’ve ever seen. Hillary has already proven she can stand strong and not only survive, but thrive despite everything that’s been thrown at her.


But Bernie has never faced what she had. If Bernie's the nominee, how will he fare when the Republicans dig deep and start the attack ads, uncovering his past, and really bashing him like he's never been bashed before?

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