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What Has Happened to the American People?

December 7, 2015
By Glorious_Liberty BRONZE, Avon, Connecticut
Glorious_Liberty BRONZE, Avon, Connecticut
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If you look at our great nation's history, it will reveal that all of our past presidents have one thing in common; they all had military, law, or previous political experience. Today, we have the elections of 2016 coming up surprisingly fast and the GOP leader is currently a buisnessman who runs his mouth, makes speechs that revolve around the reading of poll numbers, and is religiously prejudice towards Muslims. Many people may ask, what has happened to our voters so that we their opinions have altered to support such a man? Well, one argument is that many people are very unhappy with politicians and Washington leaders in general, Congress has recently received a nine percent approval rating from Americans. This shows that a fat percent of people are dying for change from the insecurity they feel from electing past officials. However, electing someone who has done everything our Donald Trump has, the American people have a duty to elect someone who is fit for the job and ready, regardless of the political viewpoint. Trump supporters often argue that he speaks his mind unlike the other politicians, which is some cases is absolutely correct, but when he goes on to mimic a crippled person, say he would date his daughter, and agree that Obama is here illegally and is a Muslim there is something to be said about "common appropriateness and etiquette" that should be examined. In the past we have had great non-political leaders however the reason Trump is getting so much attention is not because of the political opinion he takes, but because of the other stuff he does and says which gain him a lot of attention. If you look him up you will find many websites define him as an "internet personality" instead of a businessman or politician. If you are considering voting for Trump, think about voting for Cruz, Graham, or any other GOP candidate that has either political experience or common courtesy. For the record, I agree with Trump on many issues however I understand the necessity to elect a person that has strong beliefs, but also has the ability to be mannerful and negotiate with people of different beliefs in Congress. America will go down a dark corner if the rest of the modern world sees it's leader as incompetent and incapable of compromise.

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