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Students and Staff Get Illness

January 18, 2011
By BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
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Leaguetown High School is located in South Houston and Has 400 students enrolled in grades 9-12. Since January there have been reports of a bad odor with in the school. Two staff members fainted during class and had to be hospitalized. Four students , Two freshman and Two Juniors were also hospitalized do to being dizzy and disorientation. The city's health department has done multiple testings to see what the odor is coming from but odor or that there is any danger that exist. "We have to get to the bottom of this .I do not think the teachers' and students' illness were related to the odor, but we need to be 100 percent positive. The city health department is getting help from the state to run tests on the air quality o the building , and the fire department is going to scour the building to attempt to locate th origin of the smell . We can't do this with 400 students roaming the building" Said Jimmy Jordan ,Superintendent". For the past month school Officials have repeatedly stated that the high school is safe, and The illnesses were unrelated.Superintendent announced that the high school will be temporarily closed starting Monday,Feb 11 so that the state health department can conduct extensive testing on the site. What will students think of the school year being longer for the make up days? Well we spoke to a couple of students from Leaguetown High school, "I'm pretty psyched about the tree -day holiday, but I don't think we should have to make up the days. It's not our fault the school stinks. I know I've had more headaches than I useally do. I don't know if it's because of the odor or not. though" said Fred, Junior. and We also spoke to another student " I don't understand why the city can't do the tests while we're here. Maybe teacher could give us three days' worth of work to do at home. Ending school three days later is going to change graduation. I don't think that's fair to seniors" said Shuandra, Senior. Will the school be delayed three days or will they find this odor soon? We talked to one of the students parents that had gotten sick do to the odor and heres what they had to say " My son ,James, got sick from the odor. The doctors still don't know if he'll have any long-term problems because of the illness. My wife and I are pleased that the district is making this aggressive move. We didn't want to send James back to the school if there was still a potential that there". In additional information Graduation was scheduled for Saturday June 7. If three days are added th school year . then students would attend school until June 10. The superintendent said he will have to move graduation but would not confirm a date . he said he wanted to wait until th testing is complete.

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