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My Opinion on Current Affairs

September 9, 2009
By Morningstar PLATINUM, Geneva, Indiana
Morningstar PLATINUM, Geneva, Indiana
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Is our nation, the USA, really in as much trouble to be afraid of what our president wants to say to students across the nation in a speech about education? Is this wide spread fear or so called logic? Either way our country has become so polarized that literally nothing has been getting done. Liberals screaming at conservatives and conservatives mocking liberals, nothing can be done in such an uncivilized, partisan manner. All under the illusion that Democrats and Republicans have very different view points and agendas, when really both parties are just such, only factions made to represent competition at the polls. Their parties are both corrupted, and both bad for the health of the nation.

Why? It actually seems as if we're going backwards in society. As people become more corrupt and greedy, more people are going to be harmed, maybe not harmed in a physical sense, but maybe in a sense of losing a job, or not being able to take care of a family.

So what most politics do? Politics must set the people up for success, while not imposing threats on constitutional rights, and the natural rights of man.

The men and women of politics most also put aside party labels, and instead put the people's ideals into their own influenced opinions, not those of a group, but those of whom elected them to office. This ranges from small town board members, mayors, congressmen/women, and even the president. "Elected Representative's of the People" should be just that, and not "Elected Representative of the Democratic/Republican party."

I understand that like-minded people usually are in like-minded groups, just as a rule of societies, but those groups shouldn't impose policy or pressure members into believing this or voting for that. That is going against the term "Elected Official" when he/she takes into their own hands or when he/she takes from the hands of other "Elected Officials."

The real problem isn't that of which what party will get the job done, but WHO will get the job done. And this shouldn't even be limited to a party, a race, a religion, a nationality, but instead whoever could do the best job of whichever position. When people are forced to vote for the lesser-of-evils, then our democracy, our republic, is failing.

Preservation in my opinion can only be achievable by stopping our savage selves, and becoming more civilized. Humans have been on the Earth how ever many millions of years, and still haven't found out how to work together, put aside differences, and lie in the snake pit for the greater good. People have to realize the selflessness, wisdom, virtue, and honesty of figures such as George Washington, Thomas Paine, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and almost every other Founding Father there is. When people say history isn't important, they're wrong, history is now, and will forever be. So on that note, I encourage whoever may read this to go read quotes from Founding Fathers, Thomas Paine in particular on my opinion, and make your own truths and inferences rather than believe all that which you hear on the cable news.

The author's comments:
After hearing about all of the freight from what president Obama's speech COULD be, it solidified my opinion that this country is truly living in fear.

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on Nov. 7 2009 at 8:49 pm
LeilaniLives PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Dang kid, you got back on the wesite like I suggested! I'm proud of you! I love how you can be so political. Politics just aren't my specialty. History is my fall. Keep it up! You should check out some of the stuff I have posted. I have around ten pending approval. Again, great work!