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February 19, 2009
By Jackiepurplerocks GOLD, Houston, Texas
Jackiepurplerocks GOLD, Houston, Texas
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When Watching a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat one is left in shock and awe , but we are all thinking ' well, its amazing to watch but come on we all know its just a trick' . that is what many think magic is ; tricks. But in reality what actually is magic? Is it rare and unusual things that could never happen, like in the movies, or is juat an old bag of tricks?

Now this a question that has no solution. It is like trying to figure out what happened to the dinosaurs sure we have theories but that is all they are , Ideas about what could have been. when the question 'do you believe you believe in magic?' I s asked there are many ways that a person could answer but the most common are :
1) fantasy Fans- will automatically think of Harry potter and other famous characters from movies and books. They will say something like ' I love fantasy but, to be honest magic is not real it just a thing that we can wish for in a world but will never happen.
2) critics- will be skeptical and point all the illogical things that point to magic as being only tricks. They will of course say ' magic is just an old bag of tricks.'
And 3) The optimist- will answer ' Magic is the miracles that happen when one is least expecting them.'

These are the most common thoughts and answers that a person gets when the question do you believe in magic is asked. My opinion is that magic is everything around us , it can be found in every aspect of our lives. It thrives in our imaginations and sulks in the sadness of our hearts. Magic is to open one's door and find a world of nature's own bag of tricks. Magic is the ability to come up with stories and to be able to read them. Magic is everywhere around us. When we are cleaning, running, eating, doing a kind deed, or even sitting on a couch writing an article about magic. We don't see it, feel it , smell it, or taste it we live it. . Maybe what we need is a little bit of pixie dust.
And of course all the critics reading this are shaking their heads while thinking ' pixie dust! What is this world coming to?' and of course this is ok , because we are all entitled to our own opinion , just remember that it is magic helping make that opinion for as you shake your head you are envisioning a teen writing this article and of all the absurd ideas running through my head. But I will say that we all at one point in our lives no matter what category we fall under will think, magic. Such a small word for such a great aspect of earth's life.

The author's comments:
i wrote this to express my view on the subject of magic. i love it but i understand that other people might ahve a different view and i think that is great too!

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