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Too much profanity?

February 18, 2010
By PaperPlanes BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
PaperPlanes BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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Every single day I hear curse words blurted out by people everywhere whether they’re angry, shocked, or just plain greeting their friends good morning. I, myself, occasionally use curse words, and I see no problem using expletives just as long as they aren't used with the intention of offending another person and are used at the appropriate time.

Curse words can be helpful or hurtful just like any other word in the English language, and I really don’t see why some people cringe when they hear them in plain context. I believe curse words were once just like all the other commonly used words in the English language, but somehow became set aside and socially unaccepted.

People often get offended by the curse words themselves, not their actually meaning. If this were to be true, the substitutes for actual curse words (heck, darn, gosh, etc.) would also be left out from most people’s vocabularies because they too hold the same meanings as actual curse words.

However, it does get to the point where some people curse so excessively they begin to sound ignorant. I’ve met a large amount of people who happen to talk with mouth fulls of expletives. I have to admit, after awhile I start to wonder whether their vocabulary expands any further other than the five curse words they frequently over use to communicate. The problem with curse words is that they aren’t the best words to express opinions and emotions, and at times they can become the source of miscommunication within a conversation.

Although I don’t see why people should get offended by curse words themselves, I think people who do cuss often should respect the different views and beliefs of others. Because of this, I feel they should try and reconsider saying certain "offensive" words in front of certain people.

In addition, most people were told by their parents at young ages that they weren’t supposed to fill their mouths with slander. This is because their parents knew how some people could get offended by profanity, and the results which could later on unfold.

However, I believe because of this, the main reasons why most people curse frequently is because they know they're not supposed to. This, however, just gives me another reason to not want to cuss as often as other people. Honestly, if the only reason a person is going to cuss is to do what is not very socially accepted, I believe that it’s an invalid reason to act in a way that could be taken offensively.

Over all, I feel cursing is okay, but if there isn’t a soley positive intention in doing so, then it shouldn’t be done at all.

But for people like me who do curse both frequently, and occasionally, maybe we should find new ways to express our distate and enlighten situations. It's all done for the consideration of other people and originality itself.

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SandyC SILVER said...
on May. 30 2010 at 9:24 pm
SandyC SILVER, Concord, Other
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i rly liked this piece because it's tru..i have had conversations w/ ppl who cant seem 2 find anything else to say except curses, which doesnt offend me, merely annoys you said, it makes you wonder about how large their vocabulary is..overall great work, you presented both views on the subject nicely, gave several valid points in favor of, and against cursing, and i think it was a wonderful piece which got the reader thinking...good job..keep writing:)