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December 7, 2009
By lilyxfiore GOLD, Smithville, Ohio
lilyxfiore GOLD, Smithville, Ohio
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The greatest truth in life is that those you love, cherish or simply trust the most are irrevocably destined to break you the most.

There are many different sports in the world. There's the "American Pastime" (Baseball, for those of you who don't know); football and fútbol; and everything from cricket to truck racing--and I mean everything.

As in, killing baby seals, for example. And no, I am not high on something--I'm serious as cancer. Both Norway and Canada have made "seal killing" their newest tourist attraction. They call it a sport. Here, I'll illustrate it for you.

First, go buy or find a nice, thick, sturdy stick. Then, travel to the arctic wilderness of Canada or Norway. For the directionally challeneged, both countries have programs where they transport you to/from. Now, find yourself a nice little seal. Remember that club I told you to get? Well, take it out and hit the seal! When you're done, the seal should look bloody, disfigured and otherwise DEAD.

Okay, OBVIOUSLY I AM NOT ENCOURAGING ANYONE TO GO AND DO THIS. I AM BEING SARCASTIC. Baby seals are one of the cutest creatures on the planet. Not only that, but THEY ARE TOTALLY DEFENSELESS.
(You know, I usually laugh at people who over-use ALL CAPS punctuation to emphasize htings but right now I'm so fabbergasted and angered that I don't care.)
I'll put it this way: Would you bludgeon a baby to death? Hey, it's mobility is limited...it's defenseless...it can't call for help from something that could defend it...why not? Not to say babies are seals--but it's the same concept. Wh take the life of something so innocent and defenseless for NO REASON AT ALL...BUT FOR "ENTERTAINMENT" [remember, in Canada and Norway it's a "sport"]?!
1) It is NOT ENTERTAINING to KILL a SEAL. Therefore: there is NO REASON AT ALL, PERIOD, to kill seals.
2) People who think #1 is wrong are SICK, DEMENTED, SADISTIC AND OVERALL MORALLY CORUPT AND NEED TO BE INSTATUTIONALIZED (in my humble opnion at least).
3) Something needs to be done to stop this.
I know I already used this line...but C'MON AMERICA! I thought the whole obsession over Michael Jacksons' death was bad, but this is worse! We are the land of the free, the home of the brave--so let's assert our freedoms and be brave and STOP THIS!

The author's comments:
After receiving dozens of those forward emails about seal clubbing as a sport--I had to make my opinion known. It makes my heart hurt just to think of hurting a baby seal...

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