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Kitty Genovese

November 25, 2009
By szulc12 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
szulc12 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The fact that not one of the 38 witnesses called the police while the crime was occurring is appalling. Thirty minutes elapsed before someone called the police. It is unbelieveable that there weren’t any phone calls from sporadic apartments. Not informing the police after seeing a woman getting stabbed is nearly as bad as being the one who stabbed her. At the very least a phone call to the police is completely necessary. The police do not need meticulous observations about the crime occurring; they need to know that there is someone in trouble.

It is the duty of those people to try and help that woman in some way. Instead of having such a lax attitude towards the attack then going back to bed. Whether or not the 38 people made a rational conjecture about what was happening, those people should have been more alarmed by a women screaming in the streets. It would have been simple to obviate the murder. One phone call 30 minutes earlier would have saved the woman’s life. When in a life or death situation, those people cannot think that they’re making a rash decision.

The lurid details of the crime show that it was not a lovers’ quarrel. This woman told herself this to lessen the guilt or maybe to not get involved. It is dispicable. The people would not need to leave their domicile; they would just need to pick up a phone. The thought of 38 people witnessing the murder and not calling the police is a quip. Out of those 38 people witnessing a woman getting stabbed, one would think that there would be several if not dozens of phone calls to the police.

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