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The best things in life are free.

September 11, 2009
By Yifan Fei SILVER, Beijing, Other
Yifan Fei SILVER, Beijing, Other
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In my opinion, freedom is the most essential things in our lives because no one can control us when we are free. I always feel joyful and relaxing when I am free and I can do everything I want. As a result, I agree with this statement completely.
When I was a child, I often went to the beach with several good friends. We rambled on the beach and built castle with sand. In the evening, we caught crabs which usually hid under the big stone. Most of the crabs are really small, but they were very delicious after we roasted them. We played on the beach for the whole day and I only had enjoyment around me. I felt my life was so free that that beach reminded me a lot of valuable memories as well.
Our school invests all the eighth grade students to do a questionnaire which ask us what is the happiest things in our lives. About 80 percent of the students choose the option of freedom. This research indicates that most of the students attach importance to whether they are free or not, because many students feel stressful during the busy school day. Consequently, almost everyone wants to be freedom and enjoy a relaxing life.
In short, everyone wants to enjoy their lives and many white-collared workers often feel tired and stressful and they want to seek for free. For me, I feel pleasure when I spend time on my vacation or play with my friends, because nothing can bother me during these wonderful times.

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