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The Fans Go On Strike? MAG

By Anonymous

   In the wake of the players vs. owners dispute over contracts, salaries, and the like in major league baseball, I would like to see a new tactic used: the fan strike. I would like all dedicated baseball lovers walk out and refuse to watch spring training, until the major leaguers get serious about playing and stop fighting with the owners about getting 3.6 million dollars a year rather than getting 3.45 million a year, and until the owners stop bellyaching over giving up 12 percent of their billion dollars of profits instead of just 11 percent.

After all, aren't the fans the ones who are paying for it all? And aren't all the players and management making enough money as it it? Why should the fans suffer because the spoiled players and owners can't decide on who should be bigger millionaires than whom? We fans have supported the major league baseball organization for years through hard times as well as blessings, have survived and remained faithful despite strikes, and yet we still must miss the games while the players and owners sob and argue. Well, until that day comes when the players and owners wake up and realize how ridiculously they're behaving, we fans shouldn't be there supporting their bawling. But if and when they do, we'll still be waiting. n

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i love this so much!