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By Anonymous

   Have you ever been told to do something by your parents that you just did not want to do? Or you just did not feel as if you had a choice? Some teenagers say that they cannot talk with their parents, and some say they can. For those of you out there who cannot stand ever having an opinion in your own home, maybe it is time you started.

The kids of today will be the adults in ten years. Our generation should be able to express our feelings within the home. Not all teenagers have the guts to speak up and say anything. When there is a disagreement in your family, your voice should be just as loud and taken into consideration. Now, this does not mean that you get anything and everything you want because you yell and scream and throw tantrums. Part of growing up and becoming an adult means being able to function in society. Why shouldn't family problem-solving start when you're ten, not thirty.

Most parents today seem to think that whatever they say, goes. What they do not realize is that teenagers have found many ways to rebel. Most teenagers are exposed to drugs, alcohol, sex, and face many other controversial decisions, and parents must know and realize that kids need trust. Without trust, there is a possibility some kids will take drastic measures in order to make their parents come to the conclusion that they need enough space to grow up.

Parental guidance is necessary for a healthy environment, but space should also be provided so that experience within oneself is not solely the advice of our parents' past experiences. If you do not think that you can talk with your parents, take the risk and give them more credit. Try it. Besides, aren't risks and new things what life is all about? n

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