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Democrats: The Party Of The /*90s? MAG

By Anonymous

   President Bush's approval rating, which soared to 86% a year ago, has been declining steadily. Many people at this time last year were declaring the '92 election would be a clean sweep, but this year nobody seems to feel that way. Even the President himself probably doesn't feel that way anymore. This year the Democrats are in the race, and with good reason.

The majority of people today are sick of the sweet-talking conservative Republicans who seem to care more about big business, the wealthy, and their next re-election bid. They are realizing that Reagan wasn't as good as he looked. He cut taxes for the rich, ignored the middle and lower classes, created the S & L scandal and the country's humungous deficit. The Rea-gan-controlled '80s may be over, but we will be paying for them for a long time to come. People are worrying about their next meal or paycheck, or whether or not their unemployment benefits will run out. They are not worrying about Russia, Germany or the new European community. Although these are very important issues, in '92, home is where the heart is.

I believe that a Democrat will win this election. If not, it will be closer than any Democratic contender has come in a decade. The three major Democratic candidates are former Massachusetts Senator Paul Tsongas, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton and Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey. So far, Governor Bill Clinton seems to be the front-runner, but November is a long time off and this is just the beginning. All these Democrats have plans to revive the economy, whether it be by middle class tax cuts or by balancing trade between nations. This is more than George Bush has done. These people are in touch with reality and care about our people and our future. It is the job of the voters to weed out the worst candidates and pick the best one to compete with Bush.

Whomever it may be, I hope that he will defeat Bush and keep his promise to help the economy and remember the poor. I hope that the American people remember Bush's empty promises (the "Education President," the "Environmental President," "no new taxes," etc.) and vote for a person who will try to get them a job, lower health care costs, lower taxes, support education, and try to make this country a better place. Democrats can't promise to do it all, but they'll come closer than Bush ever will. n

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