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   Jerry Brown, the former governor of California, has emerged as the best alternative to moderate liberals (like Bill Clinton). He is a hard-nosed liberal, is energetic, and is ready to do things for this country.

He is a strong leader and puts the needs of the people of the United States above his own needs. His environmental views are impeccable and his views on restoring the economy are plausible and could be realized quickly. His views on "putting America first" and stopping unbalanced trade to other countries are above all others. His economic plans point to strong gains and his plans for education are interesting and believable.

Jerry Brown has not had much visibility due to the fact that he refuses to take huge amounts of money from rich people like the other candidates do. He has received poor media coverage and he is seen as a crazy, unintelligible person even though he has the best ideas the country has ever seen.

Don't go with the crowd, go against the flow with Jerry Brown, the only serious candidate! n

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i love this so much!