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   There is one and only one presidential candidate with the courage and intelligence to lead the fight for what is truly best for this nation. Andre Marrou of the Libertarian Party realizes that the answer to America's problems lies in the same commitment to freedom that earned America its greatness. He realizes that the erosion of our economic freedom, of our personal freedom, and of a foreign policy of non-intervention and free trade perpetuated during the last century must be reversed before it is too late.

Andre Marrou realizes the obvious: that government is utterly incapable of solving our problems. He will return our government to its purpose of protecting the rights of its citizens, the purpose intended by our Founding Fathers. Government must return to its role of allowing citizens to do as they see best as long as they are not infringing upon the rights of others. If we apply these basic, yet vital, principles to today's government, it is possible to see why this nation is in such trouble.

Using these same principles, Andre Marrou has developed a comprehensive plan to restore this nation's greatness. He realizes, along with economists, that government spending and taxation must be cut. Taxes rob individuals and businesses of their rightful earnings. The economy declines as individuals have less money to spend, employers cannot expand, businesses fail, and jobs are lost. The sad part is that many of our tax dollars are squandered on inefficient government services that could be done better by private organizations and charities. Andre Marrou also realizes that when government steps in and impedes free trade through tariffs, price fixing, minimum wages and rent control, prices rise, business suffers, and jobs are destroyed. Andre Marrou will eliminate wasteful and counterproductive federal spending and repeal all laws that impede free trade and hurt the economy.

Andre Marrou understands that the purpose of having a national defense is to defend Americans in America. We are now spending over $300 billion a year on "defense," yet the bulk of this pays for defending other countries. And unfortunately our intervention in Central America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East has not made us more secure. Actually, the reverse has happened; we have made more enemies than friends. Andre Marrou will cut military spending and insure that the purpose of having a national defense is upheld.

Finally, Andre Marrou understands that criminal penalties for the sale, transportation, possession, and use of drugs have not and cannot solve the problem of drugs. Similar penalties were tried during Prohibition and failed miserably, just as the huge profits from illegal drugs are the root of our problems today. The sad part of our drug problem is that the act of taking illegal drugs has not created more of our problems; instead our problems have been created by keeping drugs illegal. Andre Marrou recognizes that however foolish people may be, they have the right and responsibility to determine for themselves what to put in their own bodies. Individuals have the right to do as they see best as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others. For every death caused by the use of illegal drugs, there are 100 deaths caused by alcohol or tobacco. Yet few suggest abolishing the right of people to use alcohol or tobacco.

Andre Marrou is the only candidate who has taken a logical and well-reasoned approach to putting this nation back on track. Someone who has the courage and intelligence to face the truth and do what is truly best for the nation is a joy to behold in comparison to the others who are running. n

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