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   Without a Prayer by B. N., Turner, ME

Recently our history class was read an article about prayer in schools. In the discussion that followed, it became clear that this was a subject on which everyone could find something to say. Several distinct points of view emerged, with attitudes ranging from very favorable to extremely opposed.

It seems that most students wouldn't object to a daily prayer as long as it was not required. This would be a problem if the prayer were recited during announcements each morning, for students would have no choice but to listen. Other students felt that since there are so many religions, a single prayer simply could not cover all the bases. True, different groups believe in different gods. Some are even prohibited from worshipping symbols of any sort, while some center around multiple figures of worship. If these groups had to say a prayer to one god each morning, it would cause a lot of unrest for families in the community.

Other students felt that having no form of prayer in school was the right way to go. They feel that kids could take it upon themselves to organize prayer time. Our school, for example, has a bible study group open to anyone, which students themselves have set up. I would suggest this as an alternative to school-wide prayer.

With all the prejudice in our schools, I have to wonder if bringing one's personal religion into the spotlight can be a good move. Wouldn't it lead to more discussion on opposing beliefs, thus creating an even larger gap between students of different races and cultures? Yes, religion can bring people together. However, with so many firm believers of varying faiths, prayer in school could also drive people apart. Let's concentrate on the things that we have in common instead of focusing our attention on our differences.

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