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By Anonymous

   People say the '60s are back. Then show it! A virus called apathy is loose and is preying on young people today. We seem to be very skilled at being bitter about the state of the world, yet no one wants to do anything about it. Instead of rebelling with clothes or thought, rebel in action AND thought. We walk around complaining about our place in the world, yet our only reaction is to change our appearance with rebellious clothing, hairstyles, or body jewelry. This reaction not only accomplishes nothing, it actually plays right into the hands of the people in power. They just look at us in a patronizing way or worse, they try to appear like they are on our side, and then capitalize on our change in culture. If you just want to be left alone, tell them to leave you alone. If you want a change, start the change. Yes, we ARE the future. But, the future is NOW! ?

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i love this so much!